Promoting LGBT Life-Style – Snicker Bars In New Rainbow Wrapper (Incl 3 comments)

LifeSite News  By Claire Chretien     Posted Sun. April 02, 2017

Snickers will depict its chocolate bars in rainbow wrappers as part of a pro-LGBT ad campaign.

In a piece for Gay Star News, Mitch Oliver, the UK vice president of marketing for Mars candy company, announced the initiative. It “push[es] the message” to “be who you are,” she wrote. 

Snickers is sponsoring a new section of the pro-gay website that “will tell stories of LGBTI people and provide resources to help you be yourself even at the toughest times.”

“We love the idea we can support LGBTI people to be themselves,” according to Oliver. “It matters to our Snickers brand, our business and to me personally.”

“We need to do everything we can to encourage people to ‘be who you are'” because it’s difficult to be “mentally healthy if you are hiding an element of yourself,” Oliver continued. An example of this would be “you’re out at home and not at work.”

Will those with same-sex attraction who choose chastity be encouraged to “be who they are” as well? What about people who believe we are more than the sum of our sexual attractions? 

                  A Few Comments In Response To Snickers Rainbow Wrapper

bringiton •

Isn’t it a shame that sexual preferences have to be part of advertising for, of all things, candy bars?!!! Oh well, just chalk Snickers up alongside Disney, Target and all other companies that feel the need to force sexual perversion on to the consumer. Don’t support them in any way.


Well, well. Mars Company is caving in to the sewer-zeitgeist! Snickers has been my favorite candy bar for many years. I won’t buy them again, and I will boycott ALL Mars company products. I wonder if the 2 – 3% homosexual population in the U.S. can keep Mars in business?

always •

The problem is not the ‘gays’ or the candy company, but the Christians who buy the product anyway, watch the T.V. shows anyway, and never, never will be caught doing anything to get rid of this stuff. Think of how much could be done if the best people stood up and used their purchase power to undo much of what has been done. Hey—-start with Disney. How many supposedly good Christians go there, even though they promote ‘Gay Lifestyles’. Oh baby… a huge number.


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