Israeli Minister: “The Time Has Come, Assassinate Assad”

Anti-War by Jason Ditz    Posted   Wed., May 17, 2017

Israeli Housing Minister Yoav Galant, (pic above) of the Kulanu Party, today declared that yesterday’s US claims that Syria’s government has built a crematorium to dispose of executed prisoners, a fact Syria denies, means “the time has come to assassinate Assad.” He went on to liken Assad’s Syria to Nazi Germany.

It’s unusual for an MP to publicly demand the assassination of a neighboring head of state, and it’s clearly outside the purview of the Israeli Housing Ministry to make such a decision. Galant’s status as a former general appears to be his basis for making the proclamation.

Galant declared Assad to be “the tail of the snake,” and insisted that Israel could assassinate him and then focus on starting a war with Iran, whom he identified as the “head of the snake.” Picking a fight with Iran of course is a long-standing Israeli priority.

Galant conceded that it might not be practical to assassinate Assad, and that it would be illegal under international law, but insisted Assad “doesn’t have a place in this world” and needs to be killed outright.

Again, Galant presented this conclusion primarily on the basis of yesterday’s US State Department claim about a crematorium, which has not been independently confirmed, and which Syria denies.

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