Women Strip Naked On Roof Across From Prisoner Correctional Center

Anti-Media   by Josie Wales    Posted Wed., June 14, 2017

The Chicago Sun-Times has discovered a makeshift strip club that often conducts its shows on the top floor of a parking garage across the street from Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Center. According to the Sun-Times, the shows are arranged by the inmates to demonstrate their status as “top dogs” in the jail. “Often, the women will flash money — as well as skin — to show how rich and powerful their boyfriends are,” one source claimed.

Grad student Briana Fitzgibbons witnessed many of the impromptu performances from her high-rise apartment nearby, telling the Sun-Times that while the shows ranged from stripping to explicit sex acts, sometimes the visits were completely innocent.

“Once, a large group of what appeared to be family members — including children — gathered on the roof of the garage on Van Buren Street just west of Dearborn Street. ‘They were there for hours, waving and taking pictures and everything,’ Fitzgibbons says.”

For the more risqué exhibitions, the detainees show their appreciation by flicking lights on and off, according to people familiar with the performances, which have reportedly been going on for years — decades even, according to one federal source, the Sun-Times notes. Prison authorities can’t do anything to stop them, however, as the parking garage is out of their jurisdiction. A spokesman for the federal Bureau of Prisons stated:

“We are aware of the situation and have notified the owner of the property, but because it is private property, the Bureau of Prisons has no authority to remove people from the property.”

Asked about the performances, an executive for the company in charge of the garage said he knew nothing about them. However, a security guard is now stationed on the roof of the garage as of last week.

Source:  http://theantimedia.org/women-stripping-naked-chicago-jail/

via censored.news

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