Twisted & Distorted – Transgender Men Will Bear Children Within Next Decade

The above pic is a female who believes she is a man. (r. a. note)

LifeSite News   By Doug Mainwaring   Posted Wed., July 05, 2017

Health experts in the UK predict that men, and those who are born as males but who identify as females, will be able to receive womb transplants and bear children within a decade.

Doctors in Europe have already successfully transplanted wombs into womb-less women who have gone on to bear healthy children.

Now ‘male-to-female transgenders’ are demanding that they be able to receive womb transplants too, at the government health service’s expense.

Dr. Francoise Shelfield, an infertility specialist and lecturer in obstetrics and gynaecology at University College London pointed out that transgenders’ right to such medical services is “enshrined in legislation.”

Wide Ranging Applications For Men

Medical experts envision a broad application for the procedure which is now available only for women.

Dr. Alghrani, director of Liverpool University’s Health Law & Regulation Unit, said  this would “revolutionise reproduction.”  She foresees a wide range of possibilities, unthinkable a few years ago.

For gay men:  “Homosexual couples may . . . wish to procreate in this fashion.”

For men who are not in a relationship with anyone:  “Single men may opt for it to avoid surrogacy,” essentially becoming self-reproducing organisms.

She even suggests that ‘straight men’ who are married to women may seek a uterine transplant in order “for couples to jointly share the reproductive burdens and joys of pregnancy.”

Not Everyone Thinks This Is A Good Idea

The proposal has not been without its detractors.

According to the Daily Mail, “Critics say the NHS (National Health Service) should not waste precious resources merely to allow trans-women to pursue an ‘authentic female experience.’”

Laura Perrins, former barrister and co-editor of The Conservative Woman, said: “Most taxpayers will not think this is a good use of resources. It raises profound ethical and moral issues that will have an impact on women’s rights.”

She continued, “It will impinge on the meaning of motherhood and womanhood.”

Feminist Julie Bindel, a visiting researcher at Lincoln University and former assistant director of the Research Centre on Violence, Abuse and Gender Relations at Leeds Metropolitan University, also told the Daily Mail, “[T]hose born male who are dosed with female hormones and undergo cosmetic surgery in order to present as female will never be women,” adding that “this is not about transgender rights – it’s about a twisted notion as to what constitutes a ‘real woman.’”

Bindel went further, saying, “Let’s be clear: this is a lifestyle choice, not a health issue.  And quite frankly, I’m not sure if men will make good mothers.”


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