Israeli Trial For 17 Yr. Old Palestinian Girl Held Behind “Closed Doors”. (Vid shows why she was arrested)

Middle East     Posted Tues., Feb.13, 2018

An Israeli military court extended on Tuesday the detention of a Palestinian teenager, filmed slapping and kicking two Israeli soldiers outside her home last December.

The case of Ahed al-Tamimi, who turned 17 in prison last month, gained international media attention and she has become something of a symbol to supporters of Palestine.

The judge adjourned the trial until 11 March.  The trial on Tuesday was in closed-door proceedings, despite a request from Tamimi’s lawyer for the media to be able to observe.

The judge ordered journalists ejected from the courtroom, ruling that open proceedings would not be in the interest of Tamimi, who is being tried as a minor.

A large crowd of local and international journalists had shown up to cover the trial, but only family members were allowed to remain in the courtroom, with diplomats present also asked to leave.

Currently at Ahed al-Tamimi’s trial. The [Israeli] occupation forces have banned media from taking photos or asking Ahed al-Tamimi any questions.

While militarily trials of minors in Israel are typically held behind closed doors, Tamimi’s lawyer, Gaby Lasky, argued that as her previous hearings were open, the trial should remain that way.

“They understand that people outside Ofer military court are interested in Ahed’s case, they understand that her rights are being infringed and her trial is something that shouldn’t be happening,” Lasky told journalists, after her objection to the judge’s decision to close the trial was rejected.

“So the way to keep it out of everybody’s eyes is to close doors and not allow people inside the court for her hearing,” she added.

Prosecutors requested more time to prepare a response and a new date was set for 11 March, according to Lasky. The closed-door proceedings were held for a couple of hours before adjourning.

Lasky said that she argued that the trial could not move forward because Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and its court system there is illegal. She added that she would make a new request to have the trial opened.

Ahed al-Tamimi has been hailed as a hero by Palestinians, who see her as bravely standing up to Israel’s occupation of the West Bank.

Israelis accuse her family of using her as a pawn in staged provocations. She has been charged with 12 counts, including assault, and could face a lengthy jail term if convicted.

Full article here:

Vid below shows why she was arrested and being tried by Israeli court.

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