7 Lies About Syria’s East Ghouta Spread by “Moderate Opposition”, Actually Told By Terrorists

FORT RUSS.com   By Paul Antonopoulos            Mon., Feb.25, 2018 

EAST GHOUTA, Syria – With the Syrian Army yesterday launching a multi-pronged attack against terrorist positions, primarily those of the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front, in East Ghouta to the east of Damascus, several lies from “moderate opposition” media emerged.

The desperation came because of the rapid advancements made by the Syrian Army, as can be read here.

Here are the seven lies:

1) The first lie began with reports that a Russian air strike hit the Syrian Army at the town of Harasta in East Ghouta. Just one little problem….. it never happened.

2) Iranian war planes are participating in air strikes against terrorist positions in East Ghouta. The truth? Iran has no Air Force presence in Syria.

3) Terrorists claimed to have repelled the Syrian Army attack on the town of Nashabiyah. This was not true and the Syrian Army liberated it the town after virtually surrounding it.

4) Terrorist sources claimed that they had killed 70+ Syrian Army soldiers in the afternoon local time yesterday. The closer number was actually around 20 martyrs, with one field commander of the elite Tiger Forces.

5) Terrorists claimed to have killed a large number of the elite Tigers Forces of the Syrian Army in Harasta. The problem with this claim is that there are no Tiger Forces in Harasta, they are deployed at the opposite end of the East Ghouta pocket at Al-Nashabiyah.

6) Terrorists claimed to have destroyed a Syrian Army T-55 tank in East Ghouta and posted this picture (below) as proof.

Except this is not a T-55, it’s a Bridge Vehicle. The writing on the photo even says “destruction of bridge vehicle at the Hawsh Dawahra axis.”

7) The Syrian military used chemical weapons in East Ghouta. Literally hours before the allegations emerged, Syrian activists including myself, received news directly from the Syrian Intelligence that a false flag chemical weapon attack was going to occur in East Ghouta.

Paul Antonopoulos
✔ @oulosP
Replying to @oulosP

MAJOR: The Syrian Army has  received another intelligence report from inside East #Ghouta that the White Helmets are preparing for another false chemical attack allegation – via @KevorkAlmassian    9:36 AM – Feb 25, 2018

And of course, within hours of this report, allegations of the Syrian military using chlorine bombs emerged. Further details of this can be read here.

These events occurred only yesterday, so we can expect as terrorists become even more desperate as the Syrian Army continues their rampage against them, the lies from these militant forces will be amplified.

Source: https://www.fort-russ.com/2018/02/seven-lies-about-syrias-east-ghouta.html

Credit for the cover photo goes to 21st Century Wire.

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