Turkish Pres Tells Sobbing Child She Will Be Honored If Killed In Syria (Incl Vid)

YourNewsWire.com     By Niamh Harris          Mon., Feb.26, 2018

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been accused of child abuse after hailing child martyrdom at party conference.

In a twisted act of propaganda, while urging his nation to be ready for mobilization, the Turkish leader invited a young girl in military uniform onstage and assured the sobbing child she would receive state honors if killed fighting in Afrin, northern Syria.

If she’s martyred, they’ll lay a flag on her,” Erdogan said during a televised congress of his AK Party.

Turkey began an offensive in Afrin – dubbed operation Olive Tree – in January, against Kurdish militia.

RT reports: The Turkish leader used the occasion to whip up public support for the ongoing military operation targeting Kurdish militias in Syria – and to remind those who have completed their service but still had “active mobilization orders” to be ready to be recruited again if the situation requires.

At one point, a young girl in the hall, who was dressed in military uniform complete with a maroon beret worn by the Turkish Special Operations Forces, caught Erdogan’s attention, according to TV footage of the speech. He invited the child, who looked about four or five years old, to come to the stage next to him. She did, although the attention apparently made her uncomfortable, judging by her sobbing.

“Look what you see here! Girl, what are you doing here? We have our maroon berets here, but maroon berets never cry,” the Turkish president told the child in an apparent attempt to calm her.

“She has a Turkish flag in her pocket too,” Erdogan then told the audience, embracing the girl.

“If she is martyred [killed], they will lay a flag on her, God willing,” he then added in a bizarre twist: “She is ready for everything, isn’t she?”

The confused girl only answered: “Yes.” Erdogan planted a kiss on the girl’s face and let her go.

The bizarre scene was accompanied by the party members’ cheers “Chief! Take us to Afrin!” according to some local media reports. The audience referred to the northern Syrian enclave held by the Kurdish militias, whom the Turkish forces have been targeting in their ‘Olive Branch’ military operation.

The incident has already been criticized by the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) that opposes Ankara’s operation in the Afrin region. “The mindset that abuses children by promising them death will lose. We will win the struggle for the children’s free and happy life!” the party said in a Twitter post.

Source: http://yournewswire.com/erdogan-tells-sobbing-girl-she-will-be-an-honored-as-a-martyr-if-killed-in-syria/

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