Did U Miss This? Sarah Silverman Jokes About Eating Unborn Babies

The Harpazo Forum      Tues., Feb.27, 2018

At a telethon to raise money for abortions, Hollywood actress and comedian Sarah Silverman declared that laws banning the use of aborted fetuses in food products “would make me want to eat an aborted fetus.”

The show referenced an Oklahoma bill that was proposed after a food lab reportedly sought to use stem cells in its artificial flavorings.

“It’s this bananas law that makes you think that eating fetuses is a thing, and it’s not,” Silverman said during the Feb. 1 event called “Life Is a Living Nightmare: A Telethon to Fix It.”

Silverman, who spoke at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in support of Hillary Clinton, added: “If anything has ever made me want to eat an aborted fetus, it’s this law.”

The expletive-riddled telethon was hosted by the Lady Parts Justice League, a feminist organization founded by “The Daily Show” co-creator Lizz Winstead, who hosted the event with Silverman.

The four-hour show included abortion charades, called “s–tty law charades,” and the laws were introduced by a woman wearing a vagina costume. The event also featured an interview with abortionist Willie Parker, Life News reported.

(Warning: the following clip includes at least one expletive.)

Volunteers acted out laws banning the use of fetuses in food products and another mandating that clinics must bury or cremate aborted babies.

“F—ing funerals for f—ing aborted fetuses?” Silverman sneered. “I would like to speak at those funerals. He lived the way he died. He died the way he lived. The size of a sesame seed with no discerning brain function.”

As for conscience clause legislation – laws protecting medical professionals from being forced to provide abortion services against their religion or conscience – Silverman shared her thoughts on those, too.

“Religious freedom used to be such a beautiful thing ’cause it was like this big, inclusive thing in the country,” she said, “and now it’s just this shroud to legalize hate and s–t like that.”

While one charade was acted out, Life News reported, one volunteer shouted, “Kill the baby!” Some viewers posted their responses to the telethon on YouTube, including the following:

“Abortion is evil!”

“This is beyond bizarre. What kind of twisted people do this?”

“Horrible behavior celebrating killing innocent children.”

“I’m not sure they are human.”

Source:  http://harpazo.proboards.com/thread/44917/sarah-silverman-eating-unborn-babies?page=1      Published Feb.05, 2018

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