Parents Outraged As Alberta’s Teachers Union Hosts LGBT Activist Who Defends Public Sex   By Calvin Freiburger     Tues., Feb.27, 2018

Canada: Edmonton, Alberta’s teachers’ union has come under fire from parents for hosting a keynote address by an LGBT activist who frequently posts sexually explicit material on social media.

The Alberta Teachers’ Association defended its decision to host pro-LGBT activist Dr. Kristopher Wells (pic above) for an address on February 22 to the Palliser District Teachers’ Convention.

Wells is the Faculty Director for the University of Alberta’s Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, and his university bio credits him for creating a variety of initiatives for gay students, as well as advisory roles with the Canadian Senate, Canadian Teachers’ Federation, Alberta Teachers’ Association, Public Health Agency of Canada, and various local governments, through which he holds considerable influence in shaping LGBT-related policies.

On February 20, the Alberta-based Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) wrote a letter to Alberta Teachers Association president Greg Jeffrey asking him to review a range of conduct they argued should disqualify Wells from participating in the event. They noted that he has shared sexually explicit material on social media, promoted a cartoon comparing Christians to Nazis, defended public sex acts, publicly mocked private correspondences from parents, and promoted various materials that graphically encourage sexual experimentation among minors.

The letter, signed by PCE Executive Director Donna Trimble and PCE Communications Advisor Theresa Ng, argues that elevating Wells is inconsistent with the ATA’s duty to “ensur[e] that anyone entrusted to provide support to staff and students exemplifies only the highest professional standards of public conduct.”

Nevertheless, Jeffrey issued a statement published on the ATA’s website dismissing PCE’s objections as “without merit.” Calling Wells a “prominent and well-regarded expert in the field of education and gender issues” and a champion of LGBT staff and students, he reaffirmed the ATA’s support for both “the quality of his work” and his “professionalism.”

“The current campaign to discredit Dr Wells is driven by an organisation that lobbies against virtually all initiatives designed to support sexual and gender minority students,” Jeffrey declared.

At PCE’s website, Trimble responded by noting that the ATA neglected to directly address any of the specific examples they had raised. She further asked, in light of the fact that the ATA defines education standards for all of Alberta, how residents can “have any confidence in the state of public education when the bar of so-called ‘professionalism’ is set at this level.”

PCE compiled screenshots of Wells’ controversial social media postings in a separate post (WARNING: graphic content). One shares a cartoon in which a masked Christian is about to execute a kneeling man wearing a rainbow flag, with shadows cast on the wall of a Nazi officer doing the same to a Jewish prisoner. Others criticize Toronto police for enforcing laws against sex in public parks, which Wells suggested does nothing but “build fear & distrust of police.”

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