Who Cares If Torture Is A Crime? Gina Haspel Certainly Doesn’t!

ShadowProof.com    By Kevin Gosztola      Wed., Mar.14, 2018

Jerrold Nadler, a Democratic Representative from New York who serves on the House Judiciary Committee, unequivocally opposed the nomination (of Gina Haspel).

“The Senate owes it to the American people to take a hard look at Deputy Director Haspel, whose career at the CIA coincides with some of the darkest moments in recent American history. She oversaw a ‘black site’ prison in Thailand. She approved interrogation techniques that were clearly unlawful at the time and ordered the destruction of evidence of those practices.”

Nadler added, “Torture is not only abhorrent, torture is a crime. The Senate already—rightly—denied Deputy Director Haspel a post as head of the clandestine service because of the role she played in the Bush Administration’s ‘enhanced interrogation’ program. The Senate should not confirm Deputy Director Haspel to lead the CIA.”

In 2002, Haspel briefly operated the CIA’s secret prison in Thailand. The chief of the base was given “final decision-making authority” to determine whether “enhanced interrogation” techniques against Abu Zubaydah were halted.

According to the torture report, “Over a two-and-a-half-hour period, Abu Zubaydah coughed, vomited, and had ‘involuntary spasms of the torso and extremities’ during waterboarding.”

The CIA employed a combination of torture techniques against Zubaydah that included “walling, attention grasps, slapping, facial hold, stress positions, cramped confinement, white noise, and sleep deprivation.” They used varying combinations “24 hours a day” for 17 straight days in August 2002. He was waterboarded 2-4 times a day, “with multiple iterations of the watering cycle during each application.”

As Zubaydah personally described, “They shackle me completely, even my head; I can’t do anything. Like this, and they put one cloth in my mouth and they put water, water, water.” Right before he is about to die, the board was stood up. He made heavy breathing noises. He told them, “If you want to kill me, kill me.”

Zubaydah was apparently mistaken for a top al-Qaida leader. An agency interrogator even apologized, “Sorry, we made a big mistake.” But to this day, he remains in indefinite detention at Guantanamo Bay.


Haspel engaged in a conspiracy with the National Clandestine Service chief, Jose Rodriguez, to ensure torture videotapes of Zubaydah never saw the light of day.

In Rodriguez’s memoir, “Hard Measures,” he recounted how Haspel, his chief of staff, helped him destroy the evidence.

“My chief of staff drafted a cable approving the action that we had been trying to accomplish for so long,” Rodriguez wrote. “The cable left nothing to chance. It even told them how to get rid of the tapes. They were to use an industrial-strength shredder to do the deed.

“On Tuesday, November 8, after scrutinizing the cable on my computer for a while, I thought about the decision. I was not depriving anyone of information about what was done or what was said. I was just getting rid of some ugly visuals that could put the lives of my people at risk. I took a deep breath of weary satisfaction and hit Send.”

Though Rodriguez confessed to a crime in his memoir, he was never prosecuted.

The destruction of videotapes of Nashiri and Zubaydah’s waterboarding sessions had a huge influence on the Senate intelligence committee and fueled the decision to produce a study that would clearly document the brutality of the CIA torture program and the efforts of officials, like Rodriguez and Haspel, to lie to Americans about what was done in their name.

Up until her appointment as deputy CIA director, establishment media outlets protected her identity and withheld her name from coverage of the torture program. (In fact, Rodriguez did not use her name in his 2012 book. She is only referred to as “my chief of staff.”)

It is well-known that she was part of the destruction of torture tapes, but as for what other deeds she committed while working for the CIA, the agency has withheld crucial information from the public.

With no accountability for torture, it will forever be easy for career officials like Haspel to pursue leadership positions at the CIA.

Full article here:  https://shadowproof.com/2018/03/13/trumps-nominee-cia-director-happens-theres-no-justice-torture/

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