Chants Of “Shame” Drive Homeland Sec Kirstjen Nielsen Out Of Mexican Restaurant (11 sec vid)

Hollywood    by Abid Rahman      Wed., June 20, 2018

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s (pic above) rough week got worse on Tuesday night after activists interrupted her dinner at a Washington D.C. Mexican restaurant and heckled her for her department’s controversial “zero tolerance” child separation immigration policy.

Nielsen was dining at MXDC when activists linked to the Democratic Socialists of America group walked over to her table and chanted slogans and called on her to abolish U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Video from the incident shows protestors shouting “Not in D.C. Not in the U.S.” and “In a Mexican restaurant of all places. The fucking gall. Shame on you, fascist pig” as well as “no borders, no wall, sanctuaries for all.”

After several minutes, Nielsen and her security detail left the restaurant with chants of “shame! shame! shame!” ringing in her ears. Social media reacted to the events by quickly likening them to a popular Game of Thrones meme.

Nielsen and DHS have faced a huge public backlash over the “zero tolerance” policy to prosecute more people crossing the border illegally. This policy has most controversially led to thousands of immigrant children being separated from their families.

Despite the deluge of criticism, President Trump tweeted his support for Nielsen on Tuesday, writing that she was doing a “fabulous job.”


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