Iran’s Dead-Sure and Absolute Readiness Surprises The US

Fort    By Paul Antonopoulos           Sun., Eve., June 23, 2019

The military readiness of the Iranian army was a surprise to the United States, said an analyst.

Analyst Ali Reza Rezahah, an expert on US foreign policy, political observer and columnist at the analytical center of Iran’s supreme leader KHAMENEI.IR, commented about the incident with the North American drone overturned on the Gulf of Oman.

“The main thing in this accident was that Iran has defined a ‘red line,’ and that ‘red line’ is border breach and invasion of Iran’s territory. Iran has said this many times and warned that any reconnaissance drone or other military aircraft that invade the territory of the country would be immediately attacked by anti-aircraft defense systems,” he said.

According to Ali Reza Rezahah, Iran is ready to give a decisive response and the United States must understand that the drone invasion of its airspace is not a joke.

“US troops have often inadvertently or mistakenly breached the border, and the Iranian military has always acted very accurately and professionally in such cases,” he said.

He recalls that it is well known that Iran in foreign policy follows well-considered approaches. “The only side that carries out an aggressive and provocative policy is the US,” said the expert.

The drone crash shows that Iran intends to defend itself in either case.

“As for [US president] Trump, as the presidential election approaches, and given the past election campaign under President Bush’s disapproval slogan for the “shameful war” in Iraq, it is unlikely that he [Donald Trump] wants to enter into a new war he will not be able to get out of,” the analyst revealed.

Ali Reza Rezahah is of the opinion that if Donald Trump does not understand this, people of good sense in the US political elite will explain this to him.

“The Americans … did not expect their drone to be dropped so quickly. The military readiness and accuracy of the Iranian anti-aircraft defense were a big surprise to the US,” he said.

Iran’s strong position in the region shows that the country is able to carry out a powerful military maneuver and the US knows this better than the others, the analyst says.

“As for the war with Iran, it is necessary to see how Trump can benefit from it in the last year of his presidential term,” he concluded.




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