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13 Responses to About

  1. matt says:

    Hey Ron,
    your story could be mine except i am not yet “eating iron” again
    and i maybe a bit younger.Have to work a few years i suppose before
    i can visit gyms in the morning. 🙂 Anyway you did a great job at this
    place of truth! I am planing to make one by myself . Blessings

    • ron abbass says:

      Aloha Matt! Thanks for your comment and compliment. Yeah, I agree @ working in the morn__it’s tough to get to the gym at that time. Best wishes with your plans to set up a truth-site. Cheers, Peace and Blessings to you and yours, Matt. (thumbs up!) 🙂

  2. RWB says:

    Hi can you recommend a list of books I can order to open my mind more to the truth. I’d like more the religious historical side of the truth behind the jew and its rise to power and rule. Something that totally covers our pre-planned history from all sides of the globe dating right back to biblical times and interpertations, leading up to current times. It’s not just the religious side I am interested in, it’s all well and good being awakened as to what is happening, but i would like to know excatly what they are implenting, how they go about it and just as much information as I can get. Wether it be through articles, reading books, watching videos. There is such a jumble of information, conspiracies and shills – and sadly I’ve become a little lost in it all. I need your expert help and guidance!

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi RWB! Thank you for your comments regarding what material I could recommend to “open” your mind to “more truth”. First, I’m not an expert. If you are searching for the honest-to-goodness “truth”, it’s found within the pages of the bible – the older testament and the newer one. That was my starting point in my search for the truth.

      I agree there is a ton of info on the web and one has to have a discerning mind and a supreme authority to measure who is telling the truth and who is not. My supreme authority is the BOOK!

      Best wishes RWB in your search. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

    • Dave George says:

      Yes, Ron is right. The Bible is the authority, and that is so because it is God’s Word. Though there are about 40 different authors, He wrote the book and stands behind it. So it means whatever it was God meant to be saying through those prophets who wrote the Bible. Only what God meant by what he said is truth. To understand what God meant, I’d like to recommend you start with some articles published in the Voice of Elijah newsletter. The author, Larry Harper is an excellent Bible teacher. You can read the articles online for free at voiceofelijah.org. Take a look at the articles in January 1991, April 1991, October 1991 and January 1992 for starters. And there is more. Monthly publications since 1990 and books too. Check it out, test it with the Bible. See what you think.

  3. Sam says:

    Quite interesting. It would seem to be my own point of view in many cases. The unfortunate demise of the “people” because we forget that we should all be allowed to live together, regardless of race, creed, or color, based on humanity and morality. The problem, as clearly stated in said webspace, is that only some religions/beliefs, are held liable for each and every incident, while others are looked at as saviors for the same or greater atrocities . Our World, our people, have become a disgrace as “co-existence” slides further away due to an uneducated, undisciplined World. Media has taken over the thought process, and critical thinking seems to be a forgotten ideology.

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Sam! Thanks for your observations – much appreciated. Exactly at “media has taken over the thought process and critical thinking seems to be a forgotten ideology”. Sam, please take no offence, but “critical thinking” is not truly about “ideology, but rather it is a skill, which has to be taught. And, in my opinion, that is where our educational system, here in the West, has failed the collective.

      Peace and blessings to you and yours, Sam!

  4. Perry Abbott says:

    Ron, reading more of your comments I think I misjudged you. You seem to be a very pleasant person. Doesn’t mean I agree with everything you say. Just somethings.

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Perry! Thanks for your comments and compliment – much appreciated. Peace and blessings to you and yours.
      P.S. I just noticed, I didn’t reply to your comment in 2016. 🙂 I don’t know how I missed it. Sorry about that, Perry.

  5. I just stumbled across your blog. Looks interesting. Some of the stuff I write about is along similar lines.

    Alex Drone

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Alex! Thanks for your comment – much appreciated. I just checked out your site and the topics you present, as you noted, are in the same vein as mine. The title of your blog, “Prison Planets”, upon first glance, one thinks of Alex Jones. IMO, that is a unique way to direct some traffic to your site.

      Thanks again, Alex. Best Wishes, Peace and blessings to you and yours.

  6. Benny says:

    Hi Ron, “It’s better to be a true friend to Jesus “, it makes more sense.

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