Banks And Credit Card Companies May Curtail Sale Of Guns   By Michelle Mark      Tues., Feb.20, 2018

Last week’s deadly shooting at a Florida high school has renewed calls for gun-control legislation — but some finance-industry titans could take the issue into their own hands.

The New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin wrote on Monday that he had spent several days speaking with “a handful of chief executives” to discuss how banks and credit-card companies could intervene in gun sales. Sorkin said he found universal enthusiasm, though none of the executives would speak on the record.

Sorkin drew upon Visa’s espousal of “corporate responsibility” to argue that financial companies should change their terms of service to cut business ties with retailers that sell assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and bump-stock devices designed to accelerate the firing rate of semiautomatic rifles.

“Assault weapons would be eliminated from virtually every firearms store in America because otherwise the sellers would be cut off from the credit card system,” Sorkin said.

The idea has precedent, Sorkin said. Major banks — including JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and Bank of America — have in the past barred clients from using their credit cards to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, citing their risk and volatility.

The financial industry has also intervened in cases where companies feared legal liability for their clients’ purchases. In 2015, Visa and Mastercard cut business ties with after law-enforcement agencies accused the classified-ads portal of facilitating sex trafficking.

Visa and Mastercard also suspended payments and donations to WikiLeaks in 2010 after the anti-secrecy website published hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables. Mastercard argued at the time that its rules prohibited customers from “directly or indirectly engaging in or facilitating any action that is illegal.”

Sorkin acknowledged that the idea may be a “pipe dream,” noting that at least two executives said they feared the reaction of the National Rifle Association and worried for their employees’ safety.

“None of this is a panacea. But it’s a start,” Sorkin said. “It takes leadership and courage — exactly what these executives say they have. If they don’t want to back up their words with actions, the next time there’s a school shooting that prompts a conversation about gun companies, it should also include the financial complex that supports them.”


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Israel Arming At Least 7 Syrian Rebel Groups   by  Jason Ditz          Tues., Feb.20, 2018

Israel’s mounting interest in Syria’s War, and in particular in picking fights with the Assad government, Iran, and any other Shi’ite factions in the country, have included reports by analysts of a growing amount of Israeli arms and ammunition flowing across the border for rebels.

Officially, Israel isn’t a big fan on Sunni Islamist organizations. Such groups are the bulk of the rebellion on the Golan frontier, and that’s made them groups Israel has a very serious interest in seeing survive and thrive on the border.

Analysts say Israel is directly arming at least seven groups in the area. To be clear, no specific factions are named in any of these reports, but past reports have put Israel on the side of some very unfashionable groups, like al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front, which have been active in the area for some time.

Israeli officials have been very public in the past saying they prefer ISIS over the Alawite government in Syria. Expressing such a preference and arming terrorists are two different things, and Israel’s effort to step up arming for Islamist groups risks regional blowback.


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US: Man Falls 500 ft To His Death Trying To Rescue His Dog

Crews removed a body found below a cliff at Thornton State Beach. A dog, believed to be owned by the victim, can be seen in upper left corner of the frame. News     Tues., Feb.20, 2018

DALY CITY, Calif. – A heartbreaking recovery unfolded at Thornton State Beach Monday after a 67-year-old man fell down a 500-foot cliff while he was trying to rescue his dog. CBS San Francisco reports the Golden Gate National Park ranger said the man’s dog got away from him, and when he tried to go after it he slipped to his death.

Long after the fatal fall, the man’s dog continued pacing and barking on a perch, as is if to sense something was wrong.

“The dog knows if you are hurt and sometimes with the cliff they get overstimulated and don’t know all the facts,” says dog walker Kyle Moreno.

This is a popular area for dog walkers. Tedd Leblanc of Daly City and his friends were out hiking Monday. He says the terrain is steep.

“Sometimes things can move around. You gotta be careful. Always be on alert because rocks can tumble”

Rescuers airlifted the man’s body from the bottom of the cliff.

Later they helped the dog get back up the steep cliff and gave it to the victim’s family.

Park rangers say there are no leash laws in place, but advise dogwalkers to put their animals on a leash or make sure they respond to voice control.

The area is home to beautiful scenic trails but it is very steep.



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Winter Olympics – Ice Dancer’s Wardrobe Malfunction’s In Middle Of Routine (2min vid)

Posted by r. a.   Vid By News Press     Mon., Feb.19, 2018

“Ice dancer’s w.ardrobe malfunction in middle of routine at Winter Olympics. Ice dancers need to be flawless to win a medal at the Winter Olympics – so the last thing they need is a massive distraction mid-performance.” 

“But that’s exactly what happened to Gabriella Papadakis when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction during the ice dance programme in Pyeongchang. Footage from Papadakis and partner Guillaume Cizeron’s dance shows the moment that the clasp holding her sequined dress together let her down in a big spot.”

“However, the French pair managed to finish their routine, with Papadakis struggling to hold her dress up and Cizeron doing his best to prevent any further embarrassment.” 

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Tehran: 3 Police Officers Killed As Religious Protest Turns Violent (29sec vid incl)

RT     Posted Mon., Feb.19, 2018

At least three Iranian policemen have been killed and several more were wounded during a protest in Tehran, where members of a religious sect gathered around a police station to demand the release of one of their order.

The incident took place on Pasdaran Street in northern Tehran. Footage from the scene shows officers in riot gear being chased down the street after apparently having come under attack by protesters.

According to Reuters, a police spokesman revealed on state TV that: “Some disruptors of security and order used a bus today and killed three police officers.” “The murderers were arrested seconds after their crime,” the spokesman added. Ten people were immediately arrested at the scene and the area has now been sealed off by the security forces.

The protesters were dervishes from the Sufi order of Gonabadi. In Sufism, dervishes are known for their vows of poverty and austerity, as well as the trance-like dances in their rituals. Some human rights and activist groups have alleged that dervishes face persecution in Iran.


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Florida School Officer Filmed On Rooftop Pretending To Kill Children

Source: Matt Agorist          Posted Mon., Feb.19, 2018

Doral, FL — A video has recently surfaced causing outrage from parents and backlash at a Florida school district as it shows the school resource officer on top of the school’s roof, pretending to shoot the students below. The chilling gesture is now the subject of an investigation.

A student at Ronald Reagan High School in Doral filmed the disturbing scene and then uploaded it to Snapchat. In the video, the officer pretends to pick up a rifle and then takes aim at the kids below.

Naturally, once parents saw the video, they were in shock. Here is the taxpayer-funded public servant—who is ostensibly there to protect their children—and he is pretending to snipe them.

“I have fear now going to school, and I don’t want that,” said student Sophia Urena.

Given the timing of the release of the video—days after a deadly school massacre in Parkland, FL—it has parents speaking out.

“Our kids don’t need to be around that,” a parent told 7 News. “The security is supposed to protect and make my kids feel safe, and to be acting like they have guns shooting down at them, I mean, it’s not something they would feel safe about. They’re concerned.”

According to school officials, the video was taken weeks ago but has only recently surfaced. Miami-Dade School officials told 7News that the officer has been suspended and is the subject of an investigation.

They said in a statement, “The employee has been removed from the school and will not be returning pending the outcome of an investigation. Because the employee’s actions demonstrated a serious lack of judgment, the outcome of the investigation could result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.”

As 7 News reports, Urena said that actions like this instill fear in her. “It makes the rest of us fear about our school and we just want to go to school to learn and be safe,” she said.

“It’s not the way a kid [is] suppose to feel when they’re in school to learn and feel safe it’s not happening anymore,” the parent said.

Indeed, when citizens are paying for “protection” for their children with their tax dollars and the officer who is supposed to be protecting them—becomes the threat—something is seriously wrong.

Full article here:

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Silly Sign? Church sign re Florida Shooting Stirs Controversy   By Chris Enloe      Posted Sun., Feb.18, 2018

An Australian church sign addressing last week’s Florida school shooting is stirring controversy over its brash message. (See sign below)

What does the sign say?
The sign was posted outside the Gosford Anglican Church in Gosford, New South Wales, Australia.

The sign says: “When will they love their kids more than they love their guns.”

The message is a clear jab at the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Australians don’t have a constitutional right to own and possess guns — and most guns are outlawed in Australia — so it’s hard for Australians to understand the gun culture in the U.S.

Still the message is clear: That Americans allegedly care more about gun rights than the safety of kids.

And the priest, Rod Bower, who posted the picture took his critique a step further with a message he posted alongside the photo.

“#America is a society destroying itself from within, an empire in decline, it can never be great again. A culture that loves guns more than kids has no future other than corruption, decline and death,” he wrote.

He later told KRTK-TV the ability for anyone “suffering from a mental illness walk into Kmart and buy a assault rifle” is “surely evidence of a corporate mental illness” that “will ultimately lead to your nation’s destruction.”

How did people react to the sign and message?

Bower told KTRK the response has been mostly positive and a look at the post’s comments confirm that. Most people responded by bashing the National Rifle Association, the “gun lobby” and gun rights.



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Flashback: Killer Of 5 Florida Students Is Executed

New York   By Abby Goodnough     Sun., Feb.18, 2018

The serial killer who gruesomely murdered five college students here in 1990 was put to death on Wednesday by lethal injection, and relatives of his victims said afterward that they could finally feel the beginnings of relief.

Danny H. Rolling, 52, (pics above) was pronounced dead at 6:13 p.m. at Florida State Prison in Starke, about 30 miles northeast of Gainesville. Witnesses said he stared toward them and sang a hymn-type song just before the drugs were administered.

“Maybe now that we don’t have this on us,” said Dianna Hoyt, the stepmother of one victim, “we can try and relax and live with the memories we have of our children and be at peace.”

Mr. Rolling was 36 when he arrived in Gainesville shortly before the fall semester began at the University of Florida, a drifter with a criminal past who pitched a tent in some woods near campus. He followed two freshman roommates, Sonja Larson, 18, and Christina Powell, 17, to their off-campus apartment, raped Miss Powell, repeatedly stabbed both women with a hunting knife and mutilated their bodies.

The police discovered them on Aug. 26, after Miss Powell’s parents reported that their daughter was not answering her door or phone. Later that night, the police found Christa Hoyt, 18, dead in her off-campus duplex. Mr. Rolling had raped and stabbed her, severed her head and placed it on a shelf.

The next day, Tracy Paules and Manuel Taboada, both 23, were discovered stabbed to death in their apartment, not far from where the other killings took place. Mr. Rolling attacked Mr. Taboada, a former high school football player, as he slept, then killed Miss Paules. All of the victims were University of Florida students except for Miss Hoyt, who was attending a nearby community college.

Gainesville, a small city of pretty homes and live oaks, was crippled with dread. The campus shut down for a week and many of the 34,000 students scrambled home, some never to return. Others bought baseball bats and Mace, put triple locks on their doors or slept in shifts.

Helicopters with searchlights soared over the city by night. Sorority houses hired full-time security guards, gun sales soared and some townspeople never left their doors unlocked again.

A long investigation ensued, with 6,500 leads and 1,500 pieces of evidence. At first, the police focused on a mentally ill student who had been evicted from the apartment complex where Miss Paules and Mr. Taboada lived.

But in January 1991, the police discovered Mr. Rolling in a county jail south of Gainesville, awaiting trial in a supermarket robbery. He initially denied committing the murders, but DNA tests ultimately showed he was responsible. He pleaded guilty on the eve of his trial in 1994, telling the judge, “There are some things that you just can’t run from.”

Mr. Rolling was also believed guilty of three slayings in his hometown, Shreveport, La., but was never tried for those crimes.

Full article here:    (Published in 2006, on Oct.26)

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Harvesting Organs: Israel Selling Body Parts On Black Market (54 sec vid incl)

AWD     Posted Sun., Feb.18, 2018

An Ukrainian court arrested an Israeli organ trafficking suspect in Lviv (Ukraine), who was sought by Interpol’s red notice wanted list.

Israel is engaged in systematic harvesting of organs belonging to Palestinians and selling them on black markets in Europe.While Ukrainian police arrested dozen of Israelis in 2010 for harvesting organs and selling them in the black market, another network is active still in Lviv, Ukraine  which transfer organs to Israelis and Jews across Europe.

Meanwhile a number of Palestinian families have registered formal complaints over the years upon observing the returned bodies of their family members conspicuously missing body parts. A pro-Israeli magazine the Forward confirmed that Israel had been routinely stealing Palestinians’ organs for Israeli citizens’ spare parts.

Finally even the pro-Israeli New York Times has called out the Tel Aviv regime for its “disproportionate role” in organ trafficking since 2000.

In November 2012 the Palestinian ambassador to the UN once again accused the Israeli regime with harvesting Palestinians’ organs of those killed in clashes with occupying forces. Then as far back as October 2012 reports that the US backed Free Syrian Army had been engaging in this same heinous practice of kidnapping-murder of Syrian civilians for organ harvesting.


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Netanyahu “Instigating” US To Launch “Campaign” Against Iran (Link has 4 min vid)

PRESS TV       Posted Sun., Feb.18, 2019

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeks to “instigate” the United States to launch a campaign against Iran by accusing the Islamic Republic of violating its airspace. This argument was made by Jamal Wakim, professor of international relations at Lebanese University, during an interview he gave to Press TV on Sunday.

“This is how I see it especially at the time when Benjamin Netanyahu needs to escalate the situation especially that the situation in Syria is stabilizing [in] favor of the Syrian government and the Syrian army and the allies of Syria like Iran and Russia, and he wants to reshuffle the whole situation by getting an American green light to attack Syria and the Lebanese resistance and at the same time to encourage the United States to launch an attack against Iran.”

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference on Sunday, Netanyahu brandished a rectangular chunk of dark green metal, which he called a piece of an Iranian drone that the Israeli military claims to have downed more than a week ago.

Earlier this month, Tel Aviv claimed that it had responded to the infiltration of an Iranian drone into the Israeli airspace.

It then released grainy footage allegedly showing the downing of an Iranian drone by an Israeli attack helicopter and subsequent airstrikes on Syria, during which the regime had at least one F-16 warplane shot down.

Tehran has dismissed the allegations as “ridiculous,” while Damascus has said the Syrian army had launched the drone to track down terrorists of Daesh Takfiri group when an Israeli helicopter violated its airspace and shot it down.


Link has 4 min vid

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